It's time to get serious.


Social Selling

don't be a dinosaur...step up before you find yourself extinct

Social Selling is no longer optional. Engage with us to put LinkedIn, Twitter and Content Marketing to work for you. Deepen relationships, create leads, drive pipeline. 

You’ve likely seen the compelling statistics:

Today’s B2B buyers are typically 70% of the way (or more) down the buying cycle before they contact a vendor.

B2B buyers typically use 4-7 sources of input  (analysts, respected peers, online research, social commentary) before they engage with a vendor.

Many buyers are telling vendors louder than ever…don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Today’s sales organizations MUST become social selling savvy and must engage with their clients and prospects in new ways.  And the best sellers will be there to educate and engage with their clients and prospects when they are not seeking a solution. They’ll become trusted advisors and social connectors, paying it forward…then be ready and willing when the client/prospect has a need.  If you are saying, “well, isn’t that marketing’s job?” you need our help. The answer is a definitive no.

Has your sales organization crossed the chasm yet? Do you even know where the chasm is? Serious4Social can help you make this transition. Here’s how:

LinkedIn Training – LinkedIn is no longer for your next job…it’s for your next opportunity. We’ll provide your team with the basics to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, explain how to put LinkedIn to work for networking and engagement, provide tips to help your team position themselves as experts, and how to generate leads…without expending significant time or effort.

Twitter – Many sales professionals are not sure they have the time or interest to invest in Twitter. That may be true…but at a minimum your sales team should be using Twitter (and Google Alerts, for that matter) as a social listening tool. We’ll help you put the power of Social Listening to work for your team.

Content Marketing – Is your marketing team providing content (press releases, product/service launch announcements, analyst findings – Gartner MQs, Forrester Waves, etc. – blog posts and more? Not sure how to use it or what to do with it? Or are you looking for content to share? Let us show you how to optimize social sharing to network, educate and influence your clients, prospects and partners.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started now!