It's time to get serious.



Build Your Candidate Pipeline and reduce time to hire

Tired of unnecessary agency fees and unqualified candidates? Get proactive with a comprehensive social recruiting plan and training.

We are starting to see an increasing number of recruiting teams adopt social recruiting. That’s the good news. We’re also seeing a significant number of recruiters who really don’t know how to put social to work for them properly.  That’s the bad news. We’re here to help. Our team will:

Audit the skills and social expertise of your recruiters.

Provide a clear and simple plan to ensure your recruiters are building their follower networks.

Develop a plan to ensure your recruiters provide valuable content vs. simply spamming their networks (over and over) with job postings. This will include providing content and guidance on how to share the company’s employee value proposition with potential candidates, including the company culture, benefits, learning and development opportunities and more.

Provide basic metrics to help you measure the social recruiting effectiveness of your recruiters (individually and collectively).

Regardless of whether you sell products or services, recruiting is all about people. And it’s often the very first impression that is formed about your company’s brand. Let us help you make an impactful brand impact, shorten time to hire and expand your reach.

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