It's time to get serious.


Serious Assessments

it's time to Step up your social standing.

Serious4Social uses surveys, interviews, and observation to perform a comprehensive "social" audit. Novice to pro, we can help your social go!

​​Social Surveys – Let us help you execute surveys within your organization to better understand your employees’ appetite for social, capture social “handles”, identify social ambassadors and more. Once we’ve conducted one or more surveys, we’ll then provide a recommendation for next steps to put social to work in your organization.

Interviews – We’ll work with your executives, HR, marketing, sales, etc. to build out a social baseline for your organization. These interviews with supplement surveys and direct observation.
Observation – We’ll conduct an audit of your social platforms, including engagement, reach, content and more to provide recommendations on where you can improve your social investments. This will include looking outside your four walls – partners, competitors, clients – to ensure you’re optimizing your efforts and generating a return on your social investments.

Baseline Audit The output of our Social Assessments? We’ll deliver a baseline audit that can be used to create a social baseline for your organization.

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